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  • Features & Highlights

    VAT Rates for 31 States including Union Territories
    Entry Tax Rates for 19 States
    Sales Tax Rates for 30 States including Union Territories
    Professional Tax Rates for 9 States
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    We are proud to state that our clientele includes Corporates, SMEs, Individuals and Government Depts.

    Our detailed and accurate information has assisted users across multiple sectors, fields and industried.
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    Instavat is an extremely useful and user friendly tool covering laws of various states which are otherwise difficult to locate like Entry Tax and Professional Tax besides covering full suit of VAT. Instant updates on Service Tax and State-wise VAT Notifications adds to its utility.
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Features & Highlights

INSTAVAT covers statutory information on:

  • State VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • CST (Central Sales Tax)
  • State PT (Profession Tax)
  • State ET (Entry Tax)
  • Erstwhile State ST (Sales Tax) &
  • Central Service Tax.

Across the above statutory pronouncements relating to tax on Goods & Services, INSTAVAT seeks to provide:

  • Rates of Tax (Scheduled Rates & Notified Rates)
  • Acts
  • Rules
  • Forms
  • Notifications &
  • Circulars (Except in case of PT & ET).

In particular INSTAVAT database is fairly complete with:

  • List of Commodities identified from Schedules & Notifications
  • Full text of the Schedule Entries
  • Full text of General Notifications (not specific to any entity) on rates of tax that are either modifying the rate or making exceptions or providing conditional treatment or conferring exemptions for or on goods
  • Acts along with section wise index
  • Rules along with rules wise index
  • All Notifications along with numbers and date of issue, duly indexed
  • Circulars along with numbers and date of issue, duly indexed and
  • Forms prescribed, along with numbers and duly indexed.

Apart from the above INSTAVAT seeks to add more value by providing:

  • Works Contract Referencer that provides information on:
    1. Nature of levy
    2. Rates of tax on works contract
    3. Manner of computing tax on value of works contracts
    4. Relevant references & text of notification, provisions, rules, forms, etc.
    5. Works Contract TDS
  • Central Excise chart of goods referenced by HSN codes