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  • Features & Highlights

    VAT Rates for 31 States including Union Territories
    Entry Tax Rates for 19 States
    Sales Tax Rates for 30 States including Union Territories
    Professional Tax Rates for 9 States
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    We are proud to state that our clientele includes Corporates, SMEs, Individuals and Government Depts.

    Our detailed and accurate information has assisted users across multiple sectors, fields and industried.
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    Instavat is an extremely useful and user friendly tool covering laws of various states which are otherwise difficult to locate like Entry Tax and Professional Tax besides covering full suit of VAT. Instant updates on Service Tax and State-wise VAT Notifications adds to its utility.
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Why Instavat ?



  • 35 States and Union territories levy tax on sale or purchase of goods
  • Most States levy tax on entry of goods & tax on carrying on of business or employment in the State
  • The Statutory provisions are not uniform or homogeneous
  • List of goods; its classification; and Rates are not uniform or homogeneous
  • Changes through Notifications /Amendments from time to time
  • Uptodate Statutory provisions / Effective Rate – not readily available
  • Statutory Compliance is of utmost importance, to avoid commercial and legal consequences
  • All requisite information on State VAT & Allied Laws & Service Tax under one roof – once a distant possibility now an actual reality since 2003
  • Conversion of mere data into real information through modular software programming
  • Thousands of pages scattered all over on a single DVD with online access facility for Statutory Information
  • Sincere attempts at providing comprehensive, comparative & collated information
  • Regular and updated information at your doorstep with regular Email updates
  • Facilitates Statutory compliance and aids the determination of appropriate classification of goods and rate of tax
  • Save time, resources and efforts
  • Surf, search and click … appraise, evaluate and decide